Shooting Stations

Dr Dish + HomeCourt AI + HARDWORK = phenomenal shooter.

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

We have six Shooting Stations that are designed to perfect your shot.

HomeCourt AI records every attempt, measuring your shot success, arc and release height. Giving you instant feedback to correct your shooting form and continue practicing while under the guidance of our dedicated shooting coaches walking the floor.

Choose to run through one of our dozens of workouts from shooting form basics through to shooting mid-range off a dribble move. Or you can just put shots up. Lots of them!

Our Dr Dish shooting machines return the ball to you, even when you miss. Putting up 500 shots in 30 minutes is a reality. Allowing you to get up way more shots than you ever can at home, in a much shorter space of time. Combined with immediate feedback from AI and Swish coaches - it is perfect practice.