New Zealand’s most advanced basketball training facility

Here at the Swish Factory we are all about helping you to produce your “Swish”. It isn’t just about practice. It is about perfect practice. Which is why our shooting stations are equipped with:

  • The latest AI technology that records your workout, measuring your release angle, makes v misses, and release height. Providing you the feedback you need to review and improve your mechanics.

  • Ball return guns allowing you to put up hundreds of shots in 30 minutes, for you to replicate your shot and build muscle memory

  • Experienced coaches to help you with your shooting form

But we aren’t just about the shot. We want to improve you as a total basketball athlete too. In our ball handling stations a virtual trainer will guide you through various workouts, taking your handles from beginner to elite level.

We also offer:

  • Weekly 45 minute group classes covering core basketball fundamentals

  • 90 minute weekend Clinics with two coaches to 15 athletes

  • School Holiday Camps

EVERYONE is welcome at the Swish Factory. Because everyone, from elites through to beginners need somewhere to put in the hard work. Somewhere to build their game. Somewhere to perfect their “Swish”.