Experience Days

tailored specifically for school experience days for years 7-10

School Experience Days

We have created a basketball experience day for school groups Years 7-10, that is fun, interactive and highly energetic. Our experienced coaches will guide school groups through a learning day focusing on ball skills, shooting form, ball-handling and with plenty of laughs thrown in.

  • The Day: Tip off is from 9:30am on the court with warm up games. Then it is onto the shooting stations and ball handling booths to compete for the highest scores before returning to the main court to put your new skills to the test. Then, exhausted, it is back on the buses by 2:00pm.

  • When: Available Monday-Friday

  • Ages: 10+

  • Cost: $50 per child, minimum 20 children, maximum 40

  • Time slots: 9:30am-2:00pm